Cleaned up artisan benchtop

Who knew the top was so nice.

I could sharpie “no power tools” on it again but my handwriting isn’t the prettiest, any ideas for how to get the sign neatly onto it?


That looks great George!!! My hand writing isnt the best, so I feel you there. Maybe a stencil and some paint. I feel like the old label was easy to miss.

George, that bench looks fabulous! Congratulations! Well done!

As for a neat sign, I tend to have applied vinyl-cut lettering.
It’s precise, unobtrusive to the work surface and easily replaced.
That said, it’s only a sign and in my case I often ignore my own warning. :innocent:


@gmossessian that looks amazing!

I think I have some letter stencils, or some letter stickers. I’ll try to see what I can find.

Alternative, or additional option - laser some wood signs to affix to the sides.

Anybody have a diode laser setup? Woodburning a tabletop would be a perfect application. @Devmani ?

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Thank you @gmossessian

I’ve got these 2” tall black vinyl letters.

@stepho and @TravisGood — wouldn’t stickers or vinyl cutouts need to be recessed? Would that be a good use for the Origin Shaper?

A laser or stencil for either paint or burning seem like great options. I can make a stencil with a printer and an exacto knife, if no one has a portable laser setup they want to use.

I still need to do the sides / aprons, will do that next and look into repairing the issues with the vise. It could also maybe use a coat or three of Waterlox sealer, and would maybe not get so stained again quite so easily.

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The letters I have definitely have some some thickness, and I agree aren’t ideal. But they are available if needed. I don’t have a stencil for a set of letters like I thought I did.

You could also Shaper Origin some recessed text and fill with paint or epoxy.

Funny to (potentially) sort this sign of “no power tools” by using power tools.


I’ll have a tabletop laser in the next week or two, maybe a decent application of it to be sure.

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Finished oiling the benchtop yesterday – 1:1:1 mixture of boiled linseed oil, varnish, and mineral spirits, in case it ever needs cleaning up in the future. I wound up just sharpie-ing signs on both long ends of the bench in my nicest handwriting, since no tabletop laser materialized in 3 weeks :slight_smile:


  • re-secured the vise rod mounts, as they were both hanging on by a single screw each. Vise should flop around less now
  • adjusted the linking mechanism between the vise handles, so you can just turn one now (the right one turns easier than the left for some reason…)
  • re-glued the breadboard / stationary face of the vise, it was delaminating on one end. Once this was done the vise basically didn’t need truing, it’s close enough to square now.

I wish I had time to install a leg vise before I leave Austin in 3 weeks, jointing boards on this bench is a bit of a pain without it, but mea culpa for procrastinating on this for a year and a half :grimacing:

One thing we could do is get a couple of holdfasts and drill some round holes in the benchtop and two of the legs. Not sure if there’s enough interest to warrant this kind of modification, but there’s Rockler holdfasts for $20 apiece.

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funny I’ve been waiting on you to let us know in Slack what you want it to say and where it should be said.

Woops! I must’ve missed that :grimacing:

I can bring in my Ortur desktop laser as a backup option.

Great job on the bench btw!