Clean Room Done?

Is the cleanroom being repurposed?

What is the status of the laminar flow hood that has been by the red laser for a few months?

The latest plans have the clean room serving as a clean room for finishing with drying racks on the wall, but things are still being decided there and not fully determined yet. The big laminar flow hood inside that room was supposed to be taken by someone many many months ago and IIRC fell threw. I don’t know why it’s still there. Not sure what’s going on with the laminar hood by red.

CC @board

I’ve put the hood up on Facebook Marketplace and fielded a number of inquiries but it often peters out when trying to arrange how many people they need and how to get it moved and that they’ll need a large truck. If it was sitting on a bay ready for loading, it wouldn’t have been any problem, but I see we don’t have room near the bay to do something like that.