Classroom clean out - donate, recycle, dispose

It’s time to get more of the classroom items cleaned out. Anything in the center of the room on the floor or tables is fair game. There is a lot of random electronics stuff. There is also a red tool chest (@jamesmcnees, @dash3811, @carsuaga - please speak up if y’all think this is worth trying to sell for the space). There are also a few TVs sitting on the floor that are up for grabs (I know nothing about their condition or specs).

I’ll be coming up to the space at some point this weekend to clean things out and will probably load up my car with electronics items to donate/recycle. Please help out by taking something you want or loading up some stuff to donate/recycle/dispose of.

Items not to be removed:

  • Things affixed to the walls (white boards, TV)
  • Shelving units
  • Whiteboard on wheels
  • A few other items near whiteboard on wheels (@JoeN and @Joshcross - I know y’all had some things set aside, want to make sure y’all see this and can chime in if you haven’t taken them yet)