Class Requirements and Documentation Consistency/Clarification

Something I’m confused about is which tools (or spaces, entirely) require a class (or equivalent approval) to use.

On the wiki, this banner makes clear when a tool definitely requires a class to use

But other times, the documentation will simply say “Use of this tool is covered in _ class”


Which is ambiguous as to if it suggests you can learn how to use the tool in the class, or if class/approval is required to use.

In a different thread, I did get clarification about the Abrasive Blaster that it did not require a class to use, so I had been taking the documentation to mean that if it mentions it’s use being taught in a class but does NOT have the red banner, it can be used without the class/approval (but of course, the user should educate themselves on it’s usage and safety information).

However, I came across the documentation for the DoAll bandsaw.

I believe during one of my orientations or safety classes, the instructor said this tool required one of the metalworking classes before it could be used. However, the page only says "Use of this tool is covered in all metalworking (machining or welding) classes. " and does not have the red banner.

Assuming the information that the DoAll bandsaw requires class/approval to use is accurate, it is missing the “Class Required” banner on the documentation, then.

I think this ambiguity overall could be solved with a couple changes:

  • All tools with documentation would have a banner explicitly stating if it does or does not require a class to take in the documentation
  • Tools which require a class to use also would have a physical label stating it’s class/approval requirements.
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