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Hello everyone. I have several different classes I have taught recently and I am looking to teach eventually at ASMBLY. I would like to gauge everyone’s interest in these different subjects to see which I should prioritize. Some can be taught right now in the space and some might require some modifications or additions.

Beginner 3D modeling with Blender
This class is about 1.5 hours and is a hands on lesson through a project in Blender. Currently students would have to bring their own laptop and are strongly encouraged to have a 3 button mouse. Ideally I would like to convert the area in 3D printing with a ton of random tables into a bit of a computer lab some day, but that’s somewhat of a stretch goal. Blender is a free software so anyone can download and use it. You’d learn to make models that can be used to 3D print. Blender is more of an art program rather than a technical design program. It can also be used to create models for renders or video games.

This is a class I could teach currently. It would cost $20 per person and would have 6 slots.

Beginner CAD with Solidworks
Solidworks is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) software which is industry standard. It can be used to create designs to 3D print, laser cut, CNC, or build by hand. It is an excellent starting place for anything you want to build. It is about a 2 hour class.

Unfortunately Solidworks isn’t cheap so this class will require some work to get licenses for the space. Cost would also be $20 per person and would have 6 slots.

Silicone Mold Making and Resin Casting
I usually actually split these into 2 separate classes. Silicone mold making class is a 2 day class (about 2 hours the first day and 1 hour the second) where you learn to create a 2 part mold of a die which captures all the details of every side. I may also do a 1 day version with a 1 part cut mold of a different object. You’ll learn the different kinds of silicone, building mold boxes, measuring and mixing, and pouring techniques. This process requires the use of a vacuum chamber and pressure pot. I own all of the required equipment and could bring it for classes, but I would also recommend the space add these as they are pretty cheap and very useful. Resin casting is a 1 day class that covers different kinds of resins, safety and PPE, decorations and mix-ins, and use of the pressure pot. It is about a 1.5-2 hour class.

Silicone mold making class will cost $60 a person and 6 slots will be available. Resin casting class costs $40 a person and 6 slots will be available. These classes I could teach now.

Make a Custom T Shirt with Heat Transfer Vinyl
This class teaches use of the vinyl cutter and the heat press to create professional quality custom shirts. It’s about a 2 hour class and you’ll leave with your custom shirt and some extra material.

This class will cost $20 a person and have 4 slots. This class I can teach now.

Life Casting
This is the longest class by far that I teach and can take between 4-6 hours depending on how fast we work. In this class you will learn to take a re-usable silicone mold of a hand. We will do a casting with plaster, but you could use this mold to cast a ton of materials including soap, candle wax, resin, ice, and polyurethane foam. You’ll learn about body safe materials, making a brush on silicone mold, making a plaster bandage mother mold (for support), and mixing and casting with plaster.

This is a 2-3 person project, so everyone must bring at least 1 helper. Only one person per group has to sign up and pay. I only have room for 3 groups. I also will need a model so I will put up a “casting call” whenever I am planning to teach if anyone wants a free mold of their own hand.

This class is very messy. I will lay down drop cloths to contain the mess but you will absolutely get messy so don’t wear anything you don’t mind messing up.

This class will cost $150 per group. I really want to try to get one or two done in time for Halloween.

Those are the classes I am currently set up to teach. I can also offer 3D printing, laser, CNC, and more once I have been through the certification process and gotten approval. Please let me know which you are interested in and in what order!

Vaguely interested in blender, but I’ll likely have watched enough tutorial videos in the next week so it probably wont be relevant by the time the class is up. I’m mostly interested in the python shell for blender, not regular blender.

Also vaguely interested in the vinyl cutting and tshirt making but i think taking the sublimation printing subsumes that for me? What would be the use case of vinyl over sublimation printing it

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To simplify aggregating interest :slight_smile:

Please select which classes you’d be interested in taking based on the info provided by @HannaKessler above!

  • Beginner 3D modeling with Blender
  • Beginner CAD with Solidworks
  • Silicone Mold Making and Resin Casting
  • Make a Custom T Shirt with Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Life Casting

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ohh thanks I didn’t know you could do that

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Pros and Cons of sublimation printing

Full color

Cannot print on natural fibers (cotton), only plastics
No access to textured effects
No access to holographic/shiny effects
Size is limited to size of paper available
More expensive

Also, learning the vinyl cutter will allow you to make car decals, signs, stickers, etc. Very useful tool around a workshop.


Another benefit I’ve just thought of is that dye sublimation can’t “print” white, so if you have a dark background it won’t turn out well. Vinyl on the other hand can go onto any color background

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