Clamping squares two ways

I made a bunch these up today on the cnc and I figured it would be a good idea to show them here because they were real quick to make from some scrap

should anyone want to do a run of these for themselves or we want some for the shop, I left a copy of the v carve file for the fancier ones on the desktop of the swift

they are 12" with a pair of 1.5" holes, and a bigger 3.5x2" cutout in the center, giving you all kinds of clamping options

I also made some of these simpler ones if anyone wants that file, I just forgot to save a copy of it on the machine


Those are really nice! Thank you for sharing them with us.

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Awesome. Thanks! I saw you doing some finish work on them, on the router today.

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Yeah the only 1/4 bit in the kit is an upcut so I was just putting a 1/8 round over on them to knock off the burrs

I want to make some of them with some double laminated plywood at like 1-2” thick but I just wanted to test these out on some scrap first