Chunky letter sign with wood mosaic backer

Lots of folks asked about this project while I was making it so I wanted to show off the finished product! This was a gift for my parents this christmas.

The backer is cherry on plywood, the letters are maple cut on the CNC, and the frame is hickory.

The letters are glued down with starbond and it feels incredibly secure. It’s finished with hemp oil.

This was made entirely from “scrap” pieces from other projects.


Very nice! How did you hold down the individual letters so they wouldn’t move on the CNC?

Really nice! Also curious how you held them down. And how did you sand in those tight corners? They look really smooth.

Beautiful work, very nice attention to detail.


@bwatt @JohnWickham The wood was held down with tape and glue and then I used a 1/8 compression bit with vacuum off. The sawdust gets packed around each letter and they stayed in place beautifully. The wood was just under 1 inch thick. I also added leads to the profile cut so any slight movement happening on the plunge between passes happened away from the actual letters. I did tiny leads and they worked great.

I used a dremmel and folded sand paper to get into the corners. The cnc cut was really clean so sanding wasnt too bad.


@LoboFPV thank you!!

Thank you for the hold-down info - tape and glue and compression bit. Amazing!