Ceramics class at ACC still has 5 slots open for spring

Open to anyone as a continuing education class. Class fee was $235 for a class that runs weekly for a few months, so well worth the price. Unfortunately no weekend or evening times available but if you can swing Friday afternoon, I will be there.

Process to sign up is a bit complicated as you’ll have to register for an account as a CE student and get your student ID and password setup before you can register for classes.


For those who already have some ceramics experience, they also offer an intermediate class (Ceramics - Art Department). If you aren’t an ACC student, you’ll have to submit a portfolio to the instructor to skip the pre-req classes. Much cheaper than equivalent classes at pottery studios around Austin though.

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Not doing ceramics but I’m in the 200 section of Stained Glass this semester. : ) And yes, signing up for continuing education classes at ACC is WAY too complicated. I like to think I’m pretty tech savvy but I still had to talk to their IT support via a chat session to get part of it figured out. (If I recall, it was difficulty getting the required ACC email address created.) On the plus side, I now have a .edu email address for the first time in about 16 years, should I ever need one for a student discount.