Center Drill Bits missing

Almost all of the center drills are missing from the machine shop toolbox. These are thick, stubby drill bits like the picture below. That was the only one left! There should also be three small orange cases for them, each containing six bits. We have a few broken or missing, but that’s still over a dozen bits and their cases missing!

@atwatsoniii , could they have gotten displaced during the toolbox spill you mentioned before? They would/should have been in the drill bits drawer.

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It certainly could have been put back in the wrong drawer in that toolbox, but I doubt they went anywhere else in the spill. I feel like I saw some somewhere last night, are there any by the lathe?

They weren’t in any drawer in that toolbox in the main machine shop. I didn’t think to check the lathe toolbox. I will do so when I’m next in tomorrow. I planned to move one set there (or just get an additional set for there) when the new toolbox came in, but it would be crazy to move all three sets there.

OK, one of the boxes containing 1 set plus a few extras was back with the lathe, which is fine. The other two boxes, containing at least one full set, are still missing. I put out another set (in a bag) for use in the main shop and will get some more, but this disappearance is odd.

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Hi Ethan, sorry for sending you on the center drill goose chase—I did move the orange case over to the annex from the main machine shop. I’m not sure about the missing drills though.

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