Cancelling or postponing a class

Hi there,

I am a new member which means i am signing up for bunch of classes so that i can get going with various machines. Following situations that i encountered during my scheduling process did not have an easy solution in the current system (at least in my knowledge). I am bring all this up not as a complaint, but as points the leadership may have not thought of. So may be worth discussing if you see merit in any of the points below.

  1. Cancelling a class that i signed up for : - I accidentally signed up for facility tour with Josh again for Oct 13th even though i already did this with Josh on Oct 3rd. I was actually trying to sign up for Woodworking class with Josh, which i did as soon as i realized my mistake. There is no way to cancel my class and i am blocking someone who really need that class by hogging a spot. I hope there is a way to correct this in the future.
  2. Rescheduling a class:- When i signed up for Josh’s wood working class, the CNC class was not the available in classes section. But then CNC class was added it was for 13th …the very same day and time i was scheduled to do my woodworking. If i had to choose, i would do the CNC class and move the woodworking class to another day but i did not see an option to do that. I was lucking to get into a CNC class on Oct 27th but It would be nice to be able to reschedule a class. I can also see the issue with people cancelling classes at the last moment and wasting volunteer’s time.
  3. Cancelling classes in case of unforeseen reasons :- As a new member, I am trying to scheduling classes months in advance to get into some of the more popular classes. Some of these classes can be expensive in 100s of dollars. If there is a circumstances like business travel or medical emergencies that could comes up, there is no way for me to cancel/postpone the class.



Hey @thomsonv welcome! All of these things can be achieved by just replying to the registration email you get when signing up for a class (they should all mention this at the bottom of the email, but maybe some are missing it?). Our class cancellation policy for getting a refund is 48 hours. Being volunteer run, it isn’t feasible for us to guarantee refunds on short notice cancellations since that also is likely to result in an empty seat in the class and lost funding to the organization. We are working towards having some paid staff at some point in the distant future which may help us have more flexibility in these sorts of things. As it is currently, there are several volunteers who help with these sorts of things over email so issues like these are generally resolved pretty quickly.

Thanks @valerie. I went thru my class registration email and yes there is a statement stating ‘reply within 48 hours for refund’. I guess it helps to read the the whole email. My bad.

No worries! Some of the classes do have customized emails so its possible it is missing from some. Definitely let us know when you see things amiss like this so we can fix things or reassess how we’re doing it.

Did thomsonv get his questions resolved? I have similar concerns.

Yes, see my replies in this thread. If you have additional questions, just add them to this thread.