Can I Use The Floor Of The Woodshop

Hey y’all! I’m building a theater set for a play and there are a few large pieces that I need to assemble. The pieces are 12’x12’ walls and they’ll need to be assembled on the ground somewhere since they’re much too large to fit on any table. Would it be alright if I assembled these on the ground in the woodshop on the large open section between the tables and the double doors that lead to the rest of the building? I anticipate needing the space for about 5 hours.

If it blocks egress or use of machines then I’m afraid no. If we hadn’t just taken a big delivery in the autobay I would suggest booking that space and using that, but I think it might be full of dust collector stuff right now.

I’m pretty confident that we can work there with plenty of room left for people travel to and from and use the tables and machines. Is it alright to use that space as long as we’re leaving generous paths for people to walk and work?

Yeah, as long as it’s not blocking traffic or machine use that is totally fine. I’m having a hard time imagining a 12’x12’ area where that wouldn’t be the case, but if it exists then that is fine. To be clear, blocking the pony walls where the hand tools are would be a no go as well.