Can Dorian work with 48"x96" panels?

I was looking online, and I saw one of Dorian’s features is a passthru door. Does this mean I can use larger panel (like 4’x8’) and just insert the part that fits into Dorian, with part hanging out? Or do I need to cut them down to Dorian’s Bed size (51"X36")?

Also, I saw that Dorian may have a knife bed. What is that? Could I use it to help cut down my panels, or should I saw them to the proper width?"

I will be cutting 3/16" thick acrylic

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Louis Fuka

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A knife bed is just a different configuration for the bed where the material lays on ‘knives’ rather than the normal honeycomb, it doesn’t have to do with cutting material. I’m not an expert on Dorian, but I don’t think that it has a passthrough door. Could be wrong though. But if it does, I’d expect that it would be on the side, in which case you couldn’t use a 4x8 sheet as neither dimension would fit in the side door. If it does have one, and it’s on the front/back, then I suppose you could do that. Someone more well versed on that laser could definitely give you a more definitive answer.

Knife bed example:

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Thank you for your speedy reply – it helps me a lot! I will cut my acrylic down to size

Wait, I was just googling around a bit and it does look like this may be possible. That’s not the same brand, but I think its a very similar model. So don’t cut just yet before someone else can answer haha

@gordoa40 Your pic intrigues me. Ive only used Dorian with the Honeycomb in place. Last night I tried to use the magnets to hold down a warped piece. Didnt work well. This looks like it might work better.

If you can cut the material down you should. Pass through is marginally dangerous as you’ve removed a protective panel between you and the laser. Of course if the laser reflects off something it can send it shining out and possibly burn something, but the laser also creates a lot of UV light which you are protected from when the panels are closed. That being said, it is an intended design feature. You’ll also want to think about how you’ll support your material and how you’ll register it so you can complete a cut/engraving larger than the bed size. If you don’t plan to make a cut/engraving larger than the bed size, I wouldn’t recommend this technique. It’s always easier to work with a smaller piece of material.

I try to do my best to cut my material to reduce waste. For example, I cut a lot of 9in circles so I get the wood for those cut to 30 inches by Home Depot (giving them about an inch per piece to mess up).

I’m not sure about on Dorian but often there is a knife bed directly under the honeycomb bed. Also passthrough is always through the front. The sides are the path of the laser and contain a lot of the gantry.

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