Can anyone show me the domino?

I didnt see any classes posted anytime soon. Could anyone give me a quick demo? I’m looking to do an L shaped desk in the near future

Following, I have a bunch of projects that would come together a lot faster if I was able to use this thing.

I haven’t seen a single person using it in the shop either, seems like an under utilized tool sitting around


Just to clear up one point, someone can’t “just show you how to use the tool”. The Domino will be kept in an OpenPath controlled locker, as will the Shaper Origin and other specialty tools. To gain access, you need to have taken the class to use that tool.

David already replied regarding new classes.


For reference – Festool Domino Class - #29 by David

Also, @CLeininger is available to teach a class on 12/28 sometime between 1:30p-6p (class is 1 hr, so latest start time would be 5p). If at least 2 people are interested in taking it that day and agree on a time, we can get that added to the schedule as well.

I signed up for the one David added for jan 6th as soon as I saw his reply, but 12/28 would be preferable if it happens and I could swap over

12/28 works great for me. I’m fully flexible on time

I scheduled a Festool Domino class for 12/28 at 4:30pm. Here is the direct registration link.

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@DirtHurt , if you can confirm you’re good with swapping over for that time, we can take care of that for you on the backend.

yes ma’am that would be ideal.

thanks @valerie

@DirtHurt Done! You should have received a confirmation email.

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