Calm Llama: Nothing adhered to build platform

Hi y’all,

I tried printing using the Calm Llama resin printer today and came back later to discover nothing had adhered to the build platform. I looked at the troubleshooting guide in the manual on this issue, and it suggests the following causes:

  • Printing without supports
  • The first layer of the part on the build platform is too small to withstand peel forces.
  • Debris/clouding/damage in resin tank
  • Contaminated optical surfaces
  • Build platform height requires adjustment

I used supports with a raft per the following image from preform:

The fact that nothing adhered at all makes me suspect that it might be a build platform height issue. Has anyone run into this before?

Unfortunately, since my print failed, I am guessing that it needs to be cleaned. Section 7.3 of the manual details the process of cleaning after a failed print. I’m willing to give it a try but I don’t have much confidence with this machine. Any advice?

Thanks for your help!

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I’ve done some research and found the following resources on cleaning and maintaining the resin tray:

I have ordered some supplies and plan on trying to clean it middle of next week unless anyone objects.


I followed the guides that I linked to in an attempt to clean the tray, the bottom tray window, and the optical window. I disposed of the existing resin in the tray because I forgot to bring a filter and it certainly had cured bits floating around in it.

It looks as though the resin tray needs to be replaced because the bottom window looked pretty cloudy to my eye and FormLabs advises to replace it when that happens.

I also wasn’t planning on cleaning the optical window but it had smudges of cured resin on it. It looks better after I cleaned it but I’m not an expert at cleaning optical glass, so someone who knows what they are doing might do a better job.

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