Caliper recommendations?

Hey gang - in the market for a caliper. I’m thinking pocket size, up to 6". Quality target: last 10+ years / BIFL. Generally I prefer non-electric/digital, but open to what works. Been checking out Mitutoyo. Who’s got knowledge on this subject?

I have mitutoyo, i like it. You’re generally paying for precision so decide how precise you need. If you don’t go electric though i don’t think you’re going to get incredible precision but maybe I’m wrong.

Get Mitutoyo or Starrett. A good mechanical caliper is great. No batteries. A digital one is nice for quick reads

What size would you recommend - 4” or 6”

I think a 6" is more common and might be less expensive. If you plan on using the Tormach in the future. I would look at one that is coolant proof. If does add to the cost. The cost of a Mitutoyo coolant proof is about $170 right now. They used to be about $150 a few months ago

I also prefer the mechanical type over digital. I feel like the batteries are somehow always dead when you need them with digital calipers. Mitutoyo would be great. Honestly though, even the Fowler mechanical calipers we have in the machine shop are just fine, and more than precise enough for hobby work. They’re also half the price of mitutoyo.

Yes the Fowler is solid for the price, also it’s nice to buy a Precison gauge pin as a reference so you can check and calibrate it whenever you want.