Cabinetry design software

Any recommendations on cabinetry design software? I have several large client projects coming up, one doing a full kitchen cabinet build and the other a custom shed pub installation with bar and furniture. I typically do my design work in Fusion 360, but I’m wondering what other options are out there. I’d like to have the ability to export to vcarve as I want to be able to cut panels on the cnc. This is for my business so I don’t mind spending money, however I don’t have the budget for a system in the $thousands.

maybe jennifer might have a suggestion. @JennChilds

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Are you having issues with Fusion CAM?

Look into Mozaik. It’s affordable ($125/mo for the CNC version). Really easy to use and you get to specify your construction method (dadoes, etc). Comes with a library of cabinets and then you can create your own.

Here’s an article about a small shop for with Mozaik -

I’ve been exporting from Fusion to Vcarve for my CNC work as I understand there is some sort of gcode issue with Fusion and Asmbly’s cnc, although I have not yet taken the time to learn what it is. Fusion is great and I am proficient with it, but it can be somewhat time consuming and so I am looking at faster software options that are designed specifically for cabinetry.

Thanks! I’ll check out Mozaik.