Building out a van, willing to pay!

You may have seen the Sprinter I’ve been working on here and there… and I’m still working on it :confused:
Turning a van into a tiny house for a client and I’d like to get it off my plate as I have WAY too much going on. New home needs remodeling, baby due in a month, and haven’t met my Fortnite win quotas this week…

Right now, the van is in the cabinet building stage. I’ll need help building face frames, drawers, overhead cabinets, and custom framing for a murphy bed.

I live 3 min from ASMBLY but even more likely to just work at the space. I’ll take any time you can give :slight_smile:
Reply here or dm me if interested! Thanks!!

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Do you have a detailed plan by chance? I’ve built or renovated quite a few sailboat interiors and had a cabinet shop once upon a time in my misspent youth.

Yes I do!

There shouldn’t be much thought involved in my project, just need someone to do things.

Of course, welcome to suggestions “in the field” but it should be pretty straight forward stuff.

Ok…well let me know if and how you wish to proceed. All vaxed…and experienced at the shop etc etc. References around the shop as well.


Sounds like you’re covered, but feel free to hit me up as a backup. I’m moving into a new shop Sept 1st with plenty of working space.