Building access

Is there someone currently at asmbly that could let me in the back door? Seems I left my key fob at home but didn’t realize it til I got to the shop with some material. I’d like to get it inside so it doesn’t keep getting rained on.


This is the kind of thing we unfortunately really discourage. There aren’t clear ways for members to know who is OK or not OK to let in. Even someone you know to have been a member at some point in the past may not be a member currently and the situation can quickly get complicated.

In the near future, we will be switching over to a new access system that should allow members to use their smartphone at the door (key fob still an option as well). Hopefully that will make situations like this one much more rare.


That would make it much easier.

No worries, it’s a difficult situation to navigate. Hopefully it becomes simpler in the very near future!

Something that helps me, I picked a fob that was small enough to fit in my wallet. Not sure if there are options on the fobs, but that’s kept me from forgetting it.

Or just attach it to your car keys. That’s what I’ve done with mine. That way I always have it.

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