Building a chair with the Shaper Origin

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Tommy and I are building this chair with the primary tool being the Shaper Origin. The Shaper will cut the mortises and tenons plus cut all the parts out of the material. The seat slats and back will use regular tools and the router table. You can find the video and plans for free on the Shaper Origin site. Over the next few weeks we will post our work schedule so feel free to drop by.

The raw material is 6/4 walnut from Fine Lumber milled down to 1 1/4" and cut to oversize segments for the chair parts.


Can you share what the finished chair looks like?



More progress today and a few lessons learned. We have the two front legs and the two back pieces as you can see from the pictures below. The material is 1.25" thick and while 0.25" steps work well for the mortises including the 12" long mortise for the back those larger steps do not work well for the perimeter cuts. With the mortise there is plenty of room to clear the chips but the deeper you go on the perimeter the less efficient the removal of the chips are as they tend to pack down in the cut. If I take 0.125" steps less debris is produced and it makes for an cleaner cut.

Next up are the long legs then four tenons four mortises. The back and slats have been cut to slightly over sized and will be trimmed to final shape after we finish cutting the legs.


More progress including the long leg. The big challenge here is placing the file on the blank so it fits. What I had to do is rotate the file 10 degrees on the Shaper Origin. Next up is the other long leg then mortise and tenon joinery.


More progress today, the work here is concentrating on the back and slats / cross members for the chair. The parts were sized to fit the mortises using the table saw to get close then block plane and a chisel to get it just right. All we need now is the leg and the joinery.

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All parts are cut and dry fit. Next up is mortise - tenon to join the sub-assemblies together.


All Shaper Origin work is complete and here are the latest progress pictures. Up next are some refinements to the joinery then glue up of the sides.