Bug? Discourse email notifications spam

For the past several days, I have received 10+ emails day from Discourse congratulating me on my “trust level promotion”. See example below:

Anyone else experiencing it? How can I stop the notifications.

(I have to admit, they are morale boosting)

// JRO

That’s really weird. Your user history shows those are real Discourse notifications, but I have no idea why they keep happening.

I’m very curious if it’s happening to anybody else

No unusual notifications over here.

Still getting tons of these messages. I clicked the “Unsubscribe” button and it still persists - Who can help sort this out?

It’s not just you, but it’s far from universal. There’s something weirded with your Neon and/or Discourse accounts that’s confusing adminbot and causing your group membership to bounce:

2022-12-13 22:43:05 INFO     Removing members from community: mnd2pex,twall88,doyoudig,zclingaman,Tony-Wright,smailand,fgray,thypical
2022-12-13 22:43:06 INFO     Adding members to makers: mnd2pex,twall88,doyoudig,zclingaman,Tony-Wright,smailand,fgray,thypical
2022-12-13 22:43:06 INFO     Removing members from makers: mnd2pex,twall88,doyoudig,zclingaman,Tony-Wright,smailand,fgray,thypical
2022-12-13 22:43:07 INFO     Adding members to community: mnd2pex,twall88,doyoudig,zclingaman,Tony-Wright,smailand,fgray,thypical

I don’t have time to root-cause tonight, but I locked your trust level - I think that’ll stop the promotion emails, but I’m not certain. Let me know if it keeps happening overnight?

The first unusual thing noticed is that your Discourse email doesn’t match your Neon email, but I wouldn’t expect that to matter once your Discourse ID is saved in Neon. Also, I need to figure out why your trust level is going up and down - once you’ve been promoted it should stick, even if your group membership later changes. That’s a Discourse behavior glitch separate from whatever automation issue we have going on.

Thanks for looking into this @Jon . I’ve been meaning to sync up my account emails to my @asmbly.org one, and change my discourse username to something jro/asmbly related. I’ll hold off for now, so we can isolate the effects of changes - but let me know what you suggest.