Box generators for lasers -- what is your go-to?

There are multiple box generators out there, both web-based and as Inkscape plugins. I’m wondering what’s been your experience with using the output files on our lasers, if you found some better than others, etc. I have zero experience using any of these tools so any guidance is welcome.

My own needs are fairly simple: looking to make some lidded boxes, about 8"x10"x3". I’d like to use chipboard about 1/16" plywood about 1/8" thick, if that makes a difference

2 Likes is fine, I’ve used that a few times:


I second
I have made several boxes, trays, hold downs and more from there. Some of the designs take a little trial and error, simply to understand the input structure, in the generator. There are tons of designs, many of which are not well documented. But the end build results have always been great. The nice thing is that you can do most of your debugging and dimension trials in the output files. You don’t have to burn your material until you are happy with the design.


Excellent – thank you both!

1 Like has given me great results for all sorts of complex projects.


I used to make the holders under the community bulletin boards in the lobby (made modifcations to create the design, but started from their generated file). I think @tomthm might also use it for his heart boxes.


i have used .py the most and then modified the design in illustrator / lightburn after

this one is pretty much the same thing with some different shapes of things


Good to hear – thank you both!

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That’s correct. An important parameter is the offset (can’t remember if it’s called that) that allows the pieces to fit together snugly, but without requiring force. I think I use .05. And I also think that must be mm because it sizes in metric. When I’m at a computer I’ll check.

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