Bottle openers in up for grabs?

Folks, There is a box of bottle openers on the up for grabs - before I took any, I wanted to confirm they are truly “up for grabs”.

Can anyone please comment? TIA, Steve

Yes, they are truly up for grabs, a donation from a new member and local metal artist. We are hoping to incorporate them into a class but until that materializes, please take a few!

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They are all gone today… if you took them, I would like 20 for a project for a college reunion if at all possible.


Thanks! Steve

Steve Kupec, Owner
Living on the Edge Woodwork

Steve, the majority of the box of bottle openers is still on the up for grabs shelf. Did you already get the ones you need or would you like me to set some aside for you?

Missed that - I will be in shop tonight and grab some. I didn’t get any as I was looking (only) on a lower shelf where I first stumbled upon them…