Bosch miter saw tilting bevel not at 0, seems stuck

I used the miter saw to square off ends on my pieces, but they were off 1-2 degrees when I checked with a square. I tried adjusting the bevel tilt to true zero but it seems stuck and I couldn’t figure out how to adjust it. If you look closely the red gauges aren’t quite on zero, but I couldn’t get it to budge past where they are.

To be clear I’m talking about the vertical tilting bevel gauge. Just wanted to flag this so a bunch of people don’t do what I did and assume it’s at 0 until it’s too late.

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I was helping him with this and couldn’t figure out the issue. It seems the bevel was moved off zero and now won’t go all the way back to vertical. Also, the blade seems a tiny bit wobbly to me.

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As far as the off 90, there are a set of screws / bolts, that you can access from the back of the saw that let you adjust the saw when it gets out of dead on accurate. These saws are great (I have one in my own shop) but you have to do at least a yearly adjustment. I wouldn’t recommend adjustment by novice users, but there are “how to” videos on YouTube you can watch if you want to know more. That said, the one at Asmbly should probably be done by one of the Stewards.


Thanks Dan. Next time I roll in I’ll take a look if someone doesn’t beat me to it.