Borrow a v carve bit?

Hey CNCers! Does anyone have a wide angle v carve bit I could borrow? I have a 60 degree bit and the fine lines in my font ate too fine.

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I have 90 and 30, but wont be in until tomorrow.

Awesome! I wont need it until next friday. I’d love to try both and see how they turn out.

I’ll bring them with me to the CNC Sig meeting…

I have some 120 degree IA bits if you want to go ultra-wide. I’m guessing they are super-overkill for small engraving (30mm diameter, I think), but you are welcome to borrow if you’d like to try. Might be an interesting visual effect with the right font.

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Hey @J-LoM I’d love to test out the 120 bit! Any chance you could drop it by the space tomorrow?

Possibly. I’m still figuring out logistics for tomorrow, but the plan might in fact involve a stop at ASMBLY. Shall we switch to DMs to work out details?