Booking Shaper Origin

We finally have a project for the Shaper! Can someone remind me the protocol to book time on the shaper origin?


Whoops, good point! I just added a slot in Skedda for this.


Thanks! Should I book overlapping events for woodshop and shaper?

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You can just book the Shaper slot. I made a note in that space that woodshop bench usage is included in that booking. If you expect to use woodshop tools concurrently, then it would be a good idea to book both.


@Mollie, check that your Openpath credentials still include the “Co-Working Door”. Today I had to contact @Jon to get the rights added back onto my account. If you can’t get in that door then you can’t get to the Shaper Origin.

Great. I just took the Shaper class and I definitely have a use for it very soon. The instructor said my credentials would be updated but that hasn’t happened yet, so I guess I’ll have to contact @Jon to have that done too.