Bookbinding Press Auction on Swico

Saw this bookbinders press on swicoauctions:

I’ve been looking for months for a good book press. Anyone know anything about this one, or seen anything similar? Thing seems like a beast. I couldn’t find anything similar online. I couldn’t outbid the competitor unfortunately :frowning: Was thinking of hosting at the space.

The closest thing I can find is this image from what kind of looks like a patent. I got it from a stock image site that had no other information. There is very little information available on the manufacturer, TW & CB Sheridan Co., other than that they manufactured printing and bookbinding equipment.

Is this just a press that compact the pages? Could an adapter be made that would fit in a standard hydraulic press?

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Ah but that takes the fun out of it!

Yes, that’s essentially what its for. I also wanted one to press patterns and stamps into leather. My mom had one a couple of years ago (smaller than this), but sadly sold it in a garage sale. There are probably better ways to accomplish the same thing, but there’s something enticing about a big piece of cast iron too. At some point, the novelty does wear off and the price tag sets in which is why I didn’t really want to go much higher.