Blue laser classes for red laser users?

I heard it mentioned awhile back that there may be blue laser classes for red laser users since red can no longer do rastering/is going down soon, who do i need to contact to get in one of those?

I don’t know anything about a special blue laser class for red laser users, just the regular blue laser class which we should have more of on the schedule soon.

I did mention us having a class to checkout red laser users on whatever machine replaces red, but that won’t be until we have the machine replacing red up and running (hopefully within ~ a month or so).

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Pearl is usable now once the exhaust is connected. Well, it’s flat engraving-table, it doesn’t have honeycomb yet unless we take the honeycomb out of Blue (same table). It has air assist but needs a bit of tinkering to get some new hose routed differently than the original layout which uses a unique spring-hose that is no longer made. There is the new hose and drag chain there.

Pearl is 100W as opposed to Blue’s 60W, so it’s considerably faster. Its print interface looks different, but functionally pretty much the same as Blue/Red as they’re all ULS machines, and in fact it’s the same frame with 32x18 work area and Z-height as Blue. Set power/speed/z-height by feature color. Raster or vector by color. If you’ve used Blue I think a simple cheat sheet may be all you need.

Pearl is actually slated to be converted to the same controller and tool workflow as Tarkin (the big one) fairly soon, and will have many great new capabilities. That’s something to keep in mind when we’re talking about making and doing new classes.