Blue laser class?

A few of us are in the lobby waiting for blue laser class that was scheduled to start 30min ago.

Any word on where Matt is/whether class is being rescheduled?

Sorry that happened,
@mcmancuso is working with @wynd @valerie
To get it rescheduled for next week. They will give you guys details shortly.


Hi Jess, I’m so sorry about that! I had it in my schedule for next week and not this week. I will be available next Thursday at the same time for the class if that works for you.

Thanks Eric and Matt for response on this. Next Thursday works for me (and at least one other attendee).

Next Thursday works for me as well! Same time, 7pm?

7pm on Sept 23rd, Thursday works for me too.

@mcmancuso I’m interested in learning how to cut acrylic on the laser, looking at designs that are about 2 sq.ft. in area and materials about 1/8" to 1/4" in thickness. Is the Blue laser appropriate for that? If so, I’ll sign up for one of the classes too.

The blue laser is great for 1/8" materials, but the Red laser is more appropriate and much faster for 1/4" The blue laser bed is 18x32", the red laser is 24x48"

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Perfect – thank you. I’ll either figure out a way to stick with 1/8" material only, or I’ll sign up for a class on Red.

Are we all confirmed for 7pm on Thursday 9/23? I think it was me, Jess and Renuka last time

Hi @mcmancuso , @jess @RenuGiri , are we confirmed on the blue laser class at 7pm tonight? I’m planning on being there at 7 but would like to make sure that’s y’all’s plan as well.

I plan to be there for 7pm, but would also appreciate if @mcmancuso could confirm that we are good to go.

Also, just to make sure everyone saw – Blue laser move

I plan to be there at 7 pm today. Did @mcmancuso confirm the class? I’m looking forward to the class.