Blue laser available

New tube firing 10% above nominal rating, yay!
Alignment isn’t perfect yet, but it’s not bad. I’ll dial it in to dead nuts later, real tired right now.

In this case, the alignment mostly means the cuts are not perfectly vertical, it makes the cut slightly slanted from right to left. It’s not likely to cause anything observable on the sort of thicknesses we use. Will dead nuts soon.


Thanks for getting it back up and posting the details here @dannym. I’ll also mention what you shared in email – the mouse for the blue computer seemed to be missing yesterday. Hopefully, it has already made it’s way back but just a heads up and please return if you were the one that moved it (also, please don’t move mice from their homes!).

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Hey @dannym
Some people have used it after the install and commented that their standard settings are not working as good as before. Can you redo that alignment that you commented was a little off.

I was in last night and the optics had gotten pretty dirty, but it cleaned up ok.

I’ll come in and get the alignment dead-nuts, but it didn’t seem off by much when I replaced the tube. I can check the output at the same time.

As always, check the focus. The focus getting set incorrectly has been the most common problem. Typically it doesn’t drift out of focus, rather, something jammed the axis or a user tried to recalibrate the focus to a new value and it somehow wasn’t correct. In my checks, rule of thumb is under 0.05" difference is already correct and should not be recalibrated.

I went in and did a full bed size test on the blue laser.
The alignment was very noticeable. I was doing 1/8" acrylic and my part, which is basically a bunch of circles, had at least ± 2degree difference in taper from left to right side of the circle.
I used very conservative settings about 3.2 speed 100 power and it did not cut through (have used 4% speed two weeks ago with good success) . I manually focused the machine and while checking travel up and down I also noticed a pronounced shutter occasionaly.
The lens wasn’t awful but was cloudy and based on my cut performance I would just go ahead and replace.

I probably wouldn’t use it for a couple days
until this stuff is taken care of.

Alright, that tells me the z-belt is out, which will interfere with its ability to focus, which would explain the cut probs too. There are spares, I’ll replace it.

sounds good