Big Red Cold Start Procedure Help

I was all excited the other day when I was finally able to go in and laser cut a project I’ve been sitting on. But I discovered I no longer recall the cold start procedure for Big Red. I took the class at the end of February and use big red a few times but I don’t ever recall having to actually start it up.

What I did:

Turned on the switch to the red light behind big red.

Plugged in the interior LED light in big reds cabinet.

Check the air pressure was on on the gage behind big red.

Pushed the on the switch and waited till big red booted.

Turned on the computer by big red.

Logged in as BIg Red (not big red user)

Printed from Corel to the XL-12000

Switched to the USL application on the computer.

It did not show my job and promptly closed with an illegal instruction message.

I could not find the ULS application in the start menus to restart the ULS application.

The job never showed up on big red (not that the laser setting would have been right if it had.)

If someone could point me at some notes or docs or tell me where in the process I went off track I’d be obliged.



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@mrflip @RGRistroph @mcmancuso @mkim @dsoo betting one of these folks can recite cold start-up process from memory… I cannot :wink:

Thanks. Had another run at it and things worked as expected. Eric pointed out that on big red the laser power settings are under printer properties.

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