Beware when vacuuming while using Dorian

it turns out that if you plug the vacuum into the same circuit as Dorian while Dorian is running, it will trip a breaker. ask me how I know!

Most shop vacs are basically designed to use an entire circuit and nothing else significant.

Maybe we should label the no-vac outlets? Probably a good idea for the laser room


Actually, after you made that assertion to me, I measured the current used by our shop vacs. It’s in the range of 8-8.5 amps. A significant draw, but only a fraction of the capacity of the entire circuit, so they can still play well with some others.

That said, I’m sure Dorian pulls a lot of current while running too, so it is zero surprise that Dorian plus a vacuum would trip the circuit. Major machines should be on dedicated circuits, with the associated outlets clearly labeled as such (with any unused outlets physically blocked).