Best way to cut aluminum v-slot?


I have a 250mm length of V-Slot® 20x60 Linear Rail that I would like to cut in half length-wise as cleanly as possible. I’ve done a little bit of background reading on this, and the best I could come up with is from this reddit thread where they seemed to suggest the combination:

  • mitre saw with masonry blade
  • jig for kickback safety
  • diluted rubbing alcohol as a cutting liquid

Does anyone have any other suggestions or a better way of doing this?

Much appreciate your help!

That sounds like an “I don’t have any of the right tools for this job” plan. Just use the evo saw – that’s what it’s for.

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Aluminum cuts fine with a carbide blade. So a table saw with a decent quality blade will do fine.

Additionally you could cut this in 1/2 with a band saw. You’d likely need to clean up the edge in that case. But Aluminum is soft enough that sand paper or an aluminum rasp will make quick work of it.

You don’t need to do any of those precaution’s you listed. Just cut it slowly. And hold it down firmly.

I cut this on my table saw with a sled. I would have no concerns with cutting it length-wise on a table saw.

Just a reminder that “table saw” does not mean one of the Asmbly Sawstop table saws. You might nick the aluminum before the brake kicks in and trashes the blade.


The horizontal band saw would handle this as well.

Thanks y’all!

By length-wise, you mean along the long axis, yes? I think some people missed this; I don’t think the chop saw or horizontal band saw could do this, not for something almost 10” long.

Your best bet at Asmbly is probably the vertical metal bandsaw, the DoAll. But it makes a rough cut and it can be very difficult to make it cut straight. Some jigging might help.

A good table saw with an appropriate blade might actually be your best bet. But you can’t do that with our table saws; the Saw Stops will trigger on metal instantly.

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