Best place to buy cheap lumber right now? For a tortoise house

I need to make a new winter home for my tortoise and need about 13 sheets of 1/2in plywood and a bunch of 2x2s and 2x4s. Is Home Depot or Lowes the best place for cheap supplies right now? It’s looking like $500 materials between the two of those stores. ugh!

The new house is for this guy:


FWIW, we use a feeding trough for our tortoise’s winter home. We got it at Callahans.


Thanks Steph! I wish we could use something like that! Satchel is 3 feet long and 120 pounds and his poo is about as big lol. He had to stay inside most of last winter during snowpocalypse and I don’t want to have to do that again this year :joy:

A very big guy! Post pictures of the home once you get it up and running. I’m curious how you end up making it. An outdoor winter habitat is in our future eventually.

Yea gonna get hosed on the plywood just about anywhere. Would it be cheaper to buy 2x6 and cut into 2x2’s?

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I’ll look into that!