Best drywall anchor/toggles tl;dr: the self-drilling slide toggle kind are worth the money. All of them will cause enough damage if they pull out that you should get a high quality toggle type. Those are easy to install, install flush, and we’ll exceeded their weight rating even in axial load.

(Of course the best of all is to find a stud… Which this year I learned that if you have a strong neodymium magnet you can line em right up on the drywall nails to find the stud)


toggles all the way. I used to install tvs commercially and it is the only way.

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Those self-drilling slide toggles you linked are my absolute favorites. I’ve never had one fail. They’re overkill for some smaller tasks but great if you’re installing anything that gets pulled on (e.g. towel racks) or carries a lot of weight or just absolutely can’t come loose.

Also if you ever need to relocate the anchor you can reuse them! They’re a bit tricky to get back out of the hole but with finesse it can be done. (They do leave a fair-sized hole in the wall though, so be prepared to fill that back in.)