Beginning the process of importing raw materials from China

I am investigating importing a pallet or two of expanded foam PVC from China, since prices are an order of magnitude less than purchasing locally. Still waiting on freight quotes which may ruin my day but we shall see. If anyone is interested in a few sheets, let me know. It’s a cool material and it machines extremely well though cannot be cut or etched on the laser. I use it to build reptile enclosures due to its moisture proof and fire resistant nature, and its insulating properties.

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So far seems like $5 a 4ft x 8ft sheet (I know right? Insane). I’ll be getting 100 sheets and shipping will be like $2000. Little bit of whom whom but it’s still significantly cheaper than the $137.61 plus tax per sheet I have from the cheapest local supplier.

They also have every other plastic under the sun so if anyone wants to hop in on it let me know. I’m not sure how small an order they’ll let me tack on but I can always ask. Might be able to throw stuff into my pallets

Here is the seller

What thickness are you referencing you’re purchasing? What options are available?

I am purchasing 13mm or ~.5in. It’s black.

I’d be interested in 23~mm sheets- about 1” or so.

You mention these could be machined? on cnc?

I’m thinking laminating these to about 6” thick so the 13mm would also work. Or buy some off of your order of 100 if appropriate if you are just trying to make up a minimum order.

If you want I have some material scraps you can take a look at to see if it will work for what you need. I’ll be at the space later today so I can leave it somewhere for you to pick up

I’m out of town but we can connect later in the week