Basic Electrical/Mechanical Equations Signs/Reference for Electronics Room

Was just a thought I’ve had recently, and while I don’t have access to the lasers yet, is there anyhow who is willing to collaborate on making some signs for the electronics space. Would like to try to make some relatively easy to read signs for the electronics space that cover things like Ohm’s Law, Watt’s Law, reading resistors, etc, and I think that having something like that would be really good for reference, and while there are currently signs up their, having one consolidated, easy to read sign might make things a bit better, especially if it included extra tidbits that aren’t there already.

Building off of this, something with basic mechatronics safety guidelines might not be a bad idea either.


I have a fair amount of experience being baffled by Electronics and I could do this by hand if that works, which could be a template draft for the laser print. Please let me know if that would be helpful.