Banker Box Thrown Away

To whom it may concern,

I came to the shop tonight after a few months away from it to find the upstairs had been demo’d and members banker boxes were gone. I understand now that I missed 1 email to notify me of this occurring. Why were members with their contact information on the boxes not notified? I am all for making the space better. But giving members notice of their belongings that were stored at the space per a system that those in charge set in place through a single email is extremely disappointing. I have been a member at the space for 3 plus years and have never felt more uncomfortable in the space. Please call members with the contact information on their belonging before throwing away. Thank you to anyone who read this.

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Sorry this happened. In growing the space and membership we made a mistake or two. We had sent out the email. We also posted on the doors and on discourse for a month. I know these words don’t bring back your stuff.

Hopefully the new tools are some form of solace.

Wait are ALL the bankers boxes gone? I don’t remember seeing an e-mail or post about that. That definitely should have been communicated more clearly. I just searched my email and didn’t find anything about it.