Bandsaw Milling Jig

I came across an Instructables for a bandsaw milling jig this morning that looks pretty solid. I wanted to propose creating one for the woodshop as I’ve had several folks during the safety class mention wanting to mill logs. Also, I have 50+ bf of pecan that I need to mill so selfishly I would love to have something like this available. :slight_smile:

I figured a good first step would be to throw it out there to see who would be interested in having this to use, and if anyone would be interested in collaborating on creating this jig. If it there is interest I’d be happy to put together a budget proposal to present to the board. My rough guess is somewhere between $100-$200.

I’m not saying no, but I’m a little skeptical that this would rise to the level of a tool requiring a proposal. I’ve always just made one out of scraps and bar clamps to suit whatever logs I have to cut.

Did we do proposals for the various sled contraptions around the table saw?

If there were a class on, say, making a cutting board out of firewood, maybe it’d be more persuasive… :slight_smile:

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On this front, would any of our skilled wood workers be willing to teach a class on wood milling? I have a whole bunch of segments of downed trees that I would like to turn into something. I would find it helpful to get a starting point using the tools in our space. Any possible teachers on this front?