Bandsaw Demo tonight

I’ll be at the space tonight from about 5 until 8. I’ll demo the bandsaw and go over it’s operation with anyone interested. No appointment necessary.


@ashleyrlee let’s get a video of Charlie operating the new Bandsaw.


Yes! This is a brilliant idea and please post it on the Asmbly YouTube channel.

When will the next demonstrations be scheduled?

@David will be posting more demo sessions for the rest of the week and weekend.

But here’s today’s test. We cut a 1/16 pice. How about thinner? Here’s 1/32.


so who’s doing a class on making veneers? :slight_smile:


I will be at Asmbly on the following days for band saw demos:

Thursday June 8 1pm to 5pm
Saturday June 10 9am to 12pm
Sunday June 11 1pm to 4pm

During the demos we will cover the safe use of the bandsaw, power up / power down procedures, proper cuts for resaw and rip cuts.

More sessions will follow.


@David awesome! I’ll be there saturday!

I’ll be there at 1 today. Excited to see these 1/32 cuts!

Great Bandsaw test / demo today - member brought in a rough log of Osage Orange and wanted to resaw down the middle. We cut one side free hand to get a flat surface then did the main cut. The piece is over five feet long and up to one foot tall. No problem for the big Grizzly.