Bandsaw burning

Hello! I haven’t been on here in awhile and recently renewed my membership.

The other day I was making some bottle openers, and needed to cut 3/4 inch hard maple and red oak. When cutting them however, I noticed a lot of smoke and burning on the wood. Is there anything I can do to prevent that? Does the blade need to be changed maybe, or is something not set correctly?

I didn’t attempt to mess with any adjustments, and used as-is.

Which bandsaw were you using?

I can’t remember the name right now, but it’s the smallest, white one. It also has a small light attached to it.

Thats the Jet. There was a member using it yesterday and it seemed to be cutting well. Im not sire what wood he was cutting, but it might have been a softer wood.

I used the Jet to cut the corners off a 3" thick ambrosia maple bowl blank yesterday. It’s not real powerful and likely needs to be tuned up. The installed blade has a high tooth count, which is good for thinner material. It’s hard to diagnose without knowing more about the type of cut you were making and technique used. Getting the right feed rate is important, especially with hard maple as it is a tougher wood and is to burning due to its high sugar content. Generally speaking: Too fast and it won’t cut efficiently. Too slow and excess friction will occur heating up the blade and workpiece. If you’re doing tight curves, be sure to make relief cuts to give room for the blade to maneuver. I’ll probably be at Asmbly after 4 today if you’d like some help.

It’s probably a combination of factors to be honest. I’m not very proficient in using it yet, but the curves I was cutting weren’t too crazy or anything. I made sure to use relief cuts too. Here’s what I was cutting (post burn removal obviously)

Unfortunately I won’t be in today, but I appreciate the offer!

Nicely done! Which parts had the most burning?

Thanks! The burns were pretty much all over it unfortunately, there wasn’t one area that really had more than the others.

I’ll research a few videos on proper technique and see if that helps next time. If not, maybe a lower tooth count blade?

Hey @CLeininger, I’ve been wanting to make a couple more of those bottle openers, but I’m worried about the burning I’ve been getting. If you’ll be at Asmbly this week or sometime soon, would you be able to help me out?


My woodshop mentor series class is tomorrow 6-8. I can meet with you beforehand at 5:30 if you want. I may also go in over the weekend, but I’m not sure when.

Yeah that’d be great! I’ll be in then.


I had a client meeting run long so it’ll be close to my class when I get there. I’ll try to help but may not have a lot time

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