Band saw blade tracking

Anyone know if any of the band saws currently track straight? Last time I tried to use one to resaw I couldn’t get it to track straight. Might be user error but curious if anyone has the same issue or if someone had success.

I stopped using them for resaw. I’ve seen messages where the tracking is corrected, but a week later, it’s off again.

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Yea that’s what I’ve found generally and I’m not familiar enough with them to tune it each time I want to use it :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Its usually more about the blade condition. New blade and machine set right, it works great. Problem is the resaw blade gets abused a lot, mostly when people twist material while cutting. Once the blade has a twist, it’s trashed but will still “cut”
FWIW, if you do a lot of resaw, the blades we buy are around $50 and you can have it changed and set up in 5 mins.
If Im planning on resaw work, I bring my own blade now.


Can I just take the saw make and model and pick one up online?

Sure, the size should also be on the machine on a manufacturer tag.

Link to manual is here, on the Wiki.

When the top wheel’s bearings wear out, it gets weird with the tracking because of the amount of freedom of the inner race. If it gets really far gone, the tracking adjustment is all the way out but it would need to go further to make it track back to center.

The Rikon uses 111" blades. Any resaw blade should work.