Bamboo lumber in Austin?

Does anybody know a source for bamboo lumber in Austin? Plywood, dimensioned lumber, etc.? I can mill and glue up flooring if it comes down to it, but I’d rather not.

You might call Dakota Hardwoods out on E Stassney Ln

6301 E. Stassney Lane, #600
Austin, Texas 78744

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Thanks. I did that earlier today. They have some left over sheets at a high price. 4’x6’ 3/4 thick. Over $300 each. Given that it can basically be cut into bamboo S4S, it’s $13 to $15 a board foot. Not much wiggle room to sand the surface if necessary.

As lumber, it’s expensive, but in range. As a plywood, it’s over the top. I have projects for both. They also carry 1.5 inch “butcher block” slabs.

The slabs may stay in stock. The other stuff, nope.

I thought bamboo was supposed to be relatively cheap? :grimacing:

Flooring is competitively priced. But scarcity in other forms drives the price up. Perhaps one day.

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Search Results | McKillican check this place out. Not sure if its what you need

Interesting site. Unfortunately, the RR warehouse doesn’t carry bamboo anymore. I’m guessing that Austin just isn’t interested in bamboo lumber. Dakota has enough of what I need for the time being.