AWS Lambda help

We have a few helper scripts we’d really like to set to run on a schedule, but don’t especially want to maintain a server just for running cronjobs. AWS Lambda looks to be a great way to do this without having to actually spin up a VM and with our nonprofit AWS credits it’s basically free for us. @Jon and I started looking into this many months back, but we have so many other high priority projects we’ve been working on that we haven’t been able to take the time to learn it and get it set up.

If anyone already knows AWS Lambda or is interested in taking this on to learn it, please let us know! This Python script I wrote for sending teachers an email with their upcoming classes and student registrations is one of the ones we’d really like to get setup on there – NeonIntegrations/ at main · asmbly-makerspace/NeonIntegrations · GitHub

I have done some lambda work and am happy to take a look at it.

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Awesome, thank you @mgoodman!! I’ll set you up on our AWS account this weekend with the email we have on file for you. If you want me to use a different one, just send me a direct message with the one you’d prefer.