Autobay is a mess - broken equipment…

Seriously frustrating to have to clean up before using the auto bay. There was wood being stored there plus cbd tea or something? The drink powders are in the break room and the wood is against the wall.

also broken equipment…

  • the quick connector at the end of the air hose no longer blocks air flow when disconnected, so you get full pressure airflow when trying to change tools. Not safe or correct action.

  • the large impact wrench runs constantly once connected. trigger does nothing.

and tools everywhere…

seriously. if everyone just threw their tools in the general direction of where they should be stored it would probably be better organized in the auto bay than it is right now.

That’s not to disparage who ever setup the auto bay, just all us users who leave screwdrivers and other crap everywhere.

Hahaha the CBD tea cracks me up. Why was that in the shop in the first place?

I’ve never personally used the auto-bay, so I can’t speak on the tools or equipment. As far as the auto bay storage goes – it’s something that seems to happen all the time and is always confusing to me. I think we make it pretty clear where projects are allowed to be stored in the shop…one of the 4 labeled storage areas. Would these people be cool with someone just leaving a stack of plywood in the middle of the machine shop or on top of one of the lasers? At least when its a large piece of furniture or something it makes sense. Those are just boards, and we have an area literally called board storage…disregard all of this if they had permission from the board, of course, but I’ve definitely seen it where that isn’t the case – anyways rant over.

Now another issue is that shelf board and sheet storage are all getting pretty crowded and I know for a fact that there are some things in there that have been there for much longer than 7 days lol. Perhaps as part of member work day we can try and organize those areas? Or post an announcement that people have a week or a month or something to claim their wood or else it goes on the scrap cart? They could at least put a new tag on the stuff. I bet there are lots of projects in there from people that aren’t members anymore – donations?


Ugh, I hate seeing this and sorry that happened to you @deathraylabs. The CBD tea, uh what? That’s not even a material for building something. It has no place here. The board and shop stewards team are working on getting a clear system down for enforcement on things. Always interested in getting more help in this area as it back be difficult and time consuming tracking down culprits sometimes.

We do have going through storage stuff on the agenda for the work day this Saturday. I believe the spreadsheet with the tasks we have lined up is in the work day post. If it doesn’t get fully addressed Saturday, we can definitely make it an ongoing project. It seems like we should be doing storage clean out at least every other month and checks much more often.

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Monthly or at least quarterly makes sense. It can be easy to forget stuff. I know I’ve left stuff intending to work on it again and just never got back to it for a long time. Understandable that it can happen, but needs to be rectified all the same.

I totally get it. It’s really difficult to maintain order when no single person is accountable for it, which is why I like to post when I see things out of order (as well as correcting what I see as best I can in the moment) to help set expectations.

Without a clear “owner” of the space folks rely on other cues to figure out how much effort they should put into maintaining it, the “culture” so to speak. It’s only natural to minimize the time you spend cleaning up a space when you suspect that others don’t care as much as you (this is not my philosophy, but it’s understandable). I think we also use context cues to decide what is acceptable, so a cluttered space will inevitably pick up more clutter.

Sounds like I’m super organized right? I’m terrible at organization, my garage looks like a bomb went off inside it, but I do want organization. If I were good and efficient at organizing, I would be more than willing to spend the time organizing the makerspace, but I get lost in details and am very inefficient. I’d be more than willing to help someone who is good at organizing stuff with the busy work but I suck at actually getting it done.

I know it’s a cliche but “a place for everything and everything in its place”. Biggest problem in my personal garage and the makerspace is that there isn’t “a place for everything” (and clearly labeled!) right now, so it’s easy for lots of stuff to be out of place.

I know my posts are grouchy but read it as “I’m irritated at the circumstance”, not mad at the people. I assume folks have every intention of doing the right thing but get distracted, time constrained, or simply forget. The trouble is that sometimes this may pose a risk to health and safety.

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We need to do a deep clean each quarter