Austin Hispanic Hackers Meeting Monday


This is very cool, are there other subset meetings? Like womxn hackers or LGBTQIA+?

Thanks for asking this Apollonia! So the AHH is actually a Meetup group, which is where I heard about it, and I try to share those when I can without spamming :wink:
There is a neat group for LGBTQIA+ folks called StartOut, also active in Austin, which has a lot of good meet-ups and support for people starting new businesses: I get emails from them often and I’ll occasionally re-post when there’s an event. I appreciate their supportive approach.

I’m also working on getting together a Zoom “studio time” for ATXHS members who want to spend some creative time with others, maybe sharing what we work on but then moving into a time of actual work, a kind of connected studio from home – so I can add you to that email chain.

Women Who Code has a huge Austin chapter, which I’ve not gone to, but I’ve wanted to (I’m not very confident with coding, but they are clear that they want every experience level, and getting stronger with Ruby is on my list). They’re also explicitly trans and queer inclusive, which I appreciate.

is doing a lot online now, you can follow on Twitter to get announcements:
Here’s an example of a past meeting which is neat…

Anything you find would be great to know about as well–

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