Aug 21 2-5 PM Open House for Museum Exhibit made (partially) at Asmbly

I have made a science exhibit which I plan to donate to a museum in Albuquerque. Before I donate it, I am having an open house for it, and would like to invite all the wonderful Makers at Asmbly, many of whom have been most kind, gracious, patient, and generous with their time to help me learn how to use the equipment!

Here is the invite:


How cool!!! Thanks for sharing the finished result with the community and congrats on making it into a museum, that is amazing!

I won’t be able to make it, but I hope you’ll take a video to demonstrate it and share here :smile:

Ashley attended, and I beleive she made a video.

Aww man I just saw this =( sad I missed it.

@LouisF do you have a link to the open source project or any other links you would want in the newsletter for this? I’m adding a video of it and info from @ashleyrlee to our Mailchimp to go out tonight (sorry for the late notice)