ATXHS Digital Time Capsule?

So the other day I cam across a company called piql (pronounced “pickle”)

They are a digital archival company. Their idea is to store data in a future proof way. They have digital data stored in QR code of binary data on a 35mm film made of polyester with silver nitride ink. With the expectation to have this film remain viable for recovery for atleast 500 years.

This film has on it the human readable text to also tell anybody how to decrypt the QR codes and convert it back into the desired data. For pictures, text, audio, or video.

They dont advertise a price. So its probabaly expensive. But a reel holds about 100-128gb of data.

The Artic World Archive, a repository of world cultural items used piql to store digital records of items of significance. Brazil stores folk songs, copies of their declaration of independence, stories of their history to be stored in the artic hundreds of meters under the arctic permafrost. (Its about 1 mile east of the global arctic seed bank in Salvbard)

So I wonder if anybody here would be interested in doing a group purchase of a real to make a ATXHS digital time capsule for the makerspace to open in 2050. What is 100gb worth of information that we feel today would be important to us in 30 years.

Both a curiosity of what we think is important today, and in 30 years to look back again.


So question if there was a pay by the gig time capsule for the makerspace. Who would be interested?

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I was finally able to get a quote, it costs about $2500 to get a reel produced that can store 120gb of data. If we plan to store it at the makerspace.

So if we were to do this it would be about $25/gb of data people wanted stored in this time capsule.

With the last 20gb for the space itself.