Attending a Sew & Tell

There’s an upcoming SEWcial event via Zoom coming up on the 15th.

Perhaps we could lure some folk to help jumpstart our textile making?

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As for a sewing and/or textile area, is the Juki machine in the area we expect to use long term? If so, until the doors to the workshop are installed, it might be challenging to determine the types of projects that are possible. At present, the dust situation is just too much of a complicating factor. We will get there, I know.

Much like finishing of wood projects, the particles in the air would necessarily prevent me from doing anything with fibers or fabrics at the space. And all those particles also influence the machines.

I look forward to a time when this area can be more robust, as it is something I have some expertise in, and i also look forward to a time in the future when I can teach some sewing classes. :grin:


Definitely not long-term; perhaps medium-term. We’re still heading in the direction of splitting co-working in half to make an officey textiles room, but the heavy lifting is going to come after the lobby and E-Lab are done-ish. I’ll be very happy if we get to it before the fall of 2022.

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Got it. Thanks @Jon

Once the doors are on the workshop, I believe that it will be very possible to get the Juki into a better state (cleaned, oiled, etc) so that it would be suitable to use for leather projects.


Also, @TravisGood - thanks for this information!

I have a 2 projects I was thinking of using this machine for in the next couple of weeks. I don’t have any experience with a sewing machine but I did read through the manual and watch the video from a previous post where the guy walked through operating, lubricating, etc. My 2 projects are making a new seat for a camping chair that met it’s end with the campfire last weekend and a duffle bag from an old soft top for my Jeep. Can anyone tell me 1) if these seem like reasonable projects for a beginner and 2) if the machine is in an operable state or will be in the next couple of weeks?

Chair Seat I’m looking to replicate

Mesh Material and Webbing I bought for the chair.

I don’t have any plans for the duffle bag yet. It just seems like a good use for the canvas fabric as I could use a waterproof-ish duffle so any tips, tricks, or advice on that are greatly appreciated!

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@Joshcross - I would recommend making a mock up first. I would buy some cotton fabric - really anything. You wouldn’t use the Juki to make this, because it’s just too powerful for lighter weight fabrics. But we do have a much smaller domestic machine at the space as well.

The point of making a mock up is to validate your pattern. It’s the same as trying out all of your woodshop projects with cheap wood first to make sure it works. Making a mock up using easier to work with fabric will help you figure out what to do when using your actual fabric.

I’m happy to help you out - sort out the pattern, and give you some basics on working with the machines, etc. I’ll have to do a once over on the smaller machine to make sure it’s operable, though. I’ll try to get over there once we’re through whatever this cold front decides to do.

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Thank you, Stephanie! This is all very helpful information and I would love to take you up on that offer. I’m available Tues - Fri evenings after 5 next week as well as anytime on the weekend.

I didn’t realize we had a smaller sewing machine. I might have some projects for that way down the road.

@mgmoore - I didn’t know either, until all the sewing stuff was relocated down to the lobby area. The smaller one is inside a small cabinet, which has a very tell-tale shape. But as I mentioned, I haven’t tried it out yet, so no idea of its present condition.

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@stepho How about offering a basic sewing class in March? :innocent:

@TravisGood - generally, I’d be happy to. But I really do have to check on the functioning of the machines. Very little is more disheartening to a person new to sewing than a machine that doesn’t behave itself. Also, I’ve been waiting until the doors are on the workshop.

My materials came in for the chair remake! @stepho if you’re around this week I’d love to pick your brain and see if we can get that sewing machine working. Also, I’m happy to repay the favor if I can!

@Joshcross - I went over there yesterday evening, and the smaller machine we have isn’t going to be roadworthy in the short term, as a belt on it disintegrated as I was doing some very basic stuff. I have to check in with a repair shop in town to determine if the problem is fixable.

We might have a hosted machine coming in soon that might take over that niche in the shorter term, and I’ll keep you appraised on that.

The Juki machine is likely to get moved out of the lobby soon, and so after that point I can get it cleaned up, and hopefully ready for work. (This is the one you use for heavy duty stuff)