Assistance Request - Small Wood Project, happy to compensate

Hi everyone - I was referred to this community a few times when researching/calling around for my project, nice to meet you all! My son is working on a pinewood derby car for his boy scout troop, and has some grand ideas for the shape he’d like the car to be, but woodworking is quite foreign to me nor do I have access to the tools needed. I’m hoping a community member might be able to help with making the block of wood into the rough car-shape he’s hoping for, and then he & I can do the rest (sanding, finishing, etc).

Hoping this is an appropriate request! And understand we’re asking for someone’s time, resources and skills here, so I’m happy to compensate whoever helps.

Happy to provide more details if needed. Thanks so much in advance for any help or guidance!


Heya Jeff. Welcome!

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Hi Jeff,

I would be happy to help! My Woodshop Mentor Series is designed for these kinds of projects. The full class description is included below, but basically it is a 1:1 class where I assist the student with their project and in the process teach various applicable woodworking skills. If you are interested, please email me at with your general availability. I will find a time that works with our schedules and send a registration link. Each class session is 1 hour. Cost is $100 per session.


Full class description:

Have a project you need help with designing and/or building? Want to learn or refine a woodworking technique? Bought a tool that you’re not quite sure how to use? The Woodshop Mentor Series, taught by Asmbly shop steward and professional woodworker, Charles Leininger, is a project based class designed to help woodworkers of all experience levels create their next woodworking project.

Each week, students will receive hands-on training and advice on their own project build. Each student will determine what they need help with most. This could be something as specific as how to best join together table parts, or as broad as taking a project from initial design all the way to completion. Students will be able to return each week until either their project is complete or they no longer need assistance.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have advanced woodworking skills, students of all experience levels are welcome.

As with all classes taught at Asmbly, safety is paramount. Instruction during the Woodshop Mentor Series will emphasize safe and proper tool usage. It is required that each student has taken the Woodshop Safety Class. Students may contact Charles about auditing his regular woodshop safety class if they would like a refresher before joining the Woodshop Mentor Series.

Instructor Bio:

In addition to serving as an Asmbly instructor and shop steward, Charles Leininger is a professional woodworker. His business, Elemental Woodworks, focuses on heirloom quality furniture and home goods. He has experience designing and building a wide variety of pieces, both custom and production. His portfolio may be viewed at

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I think they just need someone to help with a bandsaw haha. I am always happy to help out in exchange for lunch

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Thank you both! I think Hanna is likely a little more on the same line of thought as me, but appreciate the offer tremendously Charles and will reach out if necessary for the class.

Hanna, let me know what communication channel you prefer to chat directly & set it up.

So appreciate it!

Sent you a message

Glad Hanna can help. Have fun and don’t forget to sand and polish those wheels and axles for maximum speed!