Asmbly will be CLOSED for Maintenance! Saturday, January 7. 8AM -1PM

Please make note that Asmbly will be closed for a Maintenance Day (actually half day), from 8AM to 1PM. Skedda has been blocked off. If you show up, you will be put to work.
If you want to show up and help out, please do.
Official time for the Mainteance Day is 9-1. Shop will close at 8AM, one hour prior.

We’ll be replacing the Sawstop table top (again).
Cleaning and calibrating jointer, planer, bandsaws.
Cleaning and checking blades.
Metal shop has a list of things to do.
Lasers will be cleaned up
3D printing has some repairs, etc., etc…

This will become a quarterly activity. We need to show our equipment some love for all the great work that it does for us.


We should clean both dust collector filters as well….
They are in rough shape it looks


I agree. Thanks for mentioning.

If I’m in Austin, I’ll stop by to help.